Fit People was founded with an idea to cultivate a change in how fitness is approached.

The husband and wife duo and owners, Taylor and Annie, saw a deficit in the fitness industry. Surrounding gyms and other fitness programs were providing their clientele with a physical solution, but lacking in their ability to aid in a person’s overall wellness. Recognizing this deficit and their ability to offer up a solution to the industry, they decided to open up Fit People in 2014. Their approach would be different...they wouldn’t simply gauge someone’s physical fitness level on their outward appearance or ability, but rather con- sider all the factors that play into someone’s overall health, external and internal.

Taylor, a Certified Exercise Physiologist with a B.S. in Health and Human Performance, knew that incorporating science was vital in validating their services brand Annie, a former collegiate athlete and Certified Personal Trainer, knew that accountability through individualized training would ensure their members stayed on track. In an effort to combine the two, they created the PrimalFit Total Health Assessment, which is a scientific approach to determining an individual’s current health status. The results of the assessment allow Fit People to create an individualized fit- ness program, considerate of your goals and abilities. Fit People offers various class types that are scalable, dependent on your abilities, and ever changing so you are guaranteed a well-rounded workout routine every time. Fit People believes in empowering you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle, so we re-test all gym members every 3 months, to ensure you stay on your fitness track. Annie and Taylor believe that everyone has the potential to be a Fit Person and Fit People aims at providing you the resources and knowledge you need to not only achieve it, but also maintain it.

Each day there is a constant struggle between two forces within us; one desires change and strives to be the best version of themselves while the other is satisfied at settling with just getting by. This inner battle is between our ‘fit person’ and our ‘unfit person’. We all share in this struggle no matter our current fitness level, size, weight, shape or background.

Fit People was established with this inner struggle in mind. We wanted to create an environment that would provide each member with the proper tools to strengthen and empower their ‘fit person’ to be successful while at the same time diminishing the voice of their ‘unfit person’.

We are a results based training facility that provides personalized training in a group setting. We are able to provide such personalized attention because of our unique assessment system. All clients will be tested through a series of submaximal assessments before they begin training. The assessment program will give us a better idea of a client’s current level of fitness/health, indicate any contraindications, and help us create customized workouts that are appropriate for their abilities.

We hope to assist each client in achieving their goals by helping them make lifestyle changes. Clients will be held accountable by our fit coaches, routine reassessments, other members and also through our rewards program.

There is nothing random about our style of training. Each workout is tailor made for each group category.

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