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Unleash your Fit.

23 hours 47 minutes ago

12-month Primal Fit Assessment: Chris Brinson

One year ago Chris decided it was time to make some real lifestyle changes. He had spent time working out on his own, but he was never able to stay healthy or consistent for longer than a couple of months. After recovering from a minor injury he decided to try out a new gym that had just opened close to him home. The initial Primal Fit assessment placed him in the Hunter House and by 3 months he had progressed to the Predator House. Chris has spent the last 9 months committed to this new lifestyle. In one year he has added 26.2 pounds of lean tissue and continues to focus on increasing his muscular strength. We are so excited to share this anniversary with Chris and excited to see what 2017 has in store for him.

Congratulations Chris! Keep up the good work!!!

#fitpeople #unleashyourfit #lifestylechanges #predatorhouse #hooveralabama

Primal Fit Score: 24% increase
Body Fat %: 3 % decrease (Chris has added 26.2 lbs of lean tissue)
ROM: 24% increase
VO2: 27% increase
Muscular Endurance: 89% increase
Muscular Strength: 8% increase

Unleash your Fit.

1 day 22 hours ago

Anyone sore from yesterday's #monkeypush workout???

Unleash your Fit.

2 days 11 minutes ago

Future #fitpeople

Unleash your Fit.

4 days 5 hours ago

9-month Primal Fit Assessment: Melanie Unkenholz Jourdan

Melanie joined our Fit People family with her husband Steve in early 2016 and has committed the last year to making #lifestylechanges for both herself and her family. The Primal Fit assessment initially placed her in the Hunter House. After 3 months she was moved to the Predator house and has spent the last 6 months increasing her strength and decreasing her body fat percentage. Melanie is an inspiration to us all! Her hard work and dedication are evident in each workout that she completes and we are so excited to have her in our #fpfamily.

#fitpeople #unleashyourfit #lifestylechanges #predatorhouse #fpfamily #mamabear #fitmoms #hooveralabama

Primal Fit Score: 33% increase
Resting Systolic BP: 10% decrease
Resting Diastolic BP: 20% decrease
Body Fat %: 23% decrease
ROM: 24% increase
VO2: 17% increase
Muscular Endurance: 170% increase
Muscular Strength: 11% increase

Unleash your Fit.

4 days 5 hours ago

Unleash your Fit.

4 days 15 hours ago


Our Origami Owl party scheduled for November 29th will be postponed until January. Be on the lookout for more information.

Unleash your Fit.

1 week 1 day ago

9-month Primal Fit Assessment: Steve Jourdan

In January 2016, Steve completed the initial Primal Fit assessment and was placed in the Hunter House. He moved to the Predator House at his 3-month assessment and has spent the last 6-months progressing through the Predator House, decreasing his body fat % and increasing his lean tissue. Keep it up Steve!!! It’s been so much fun helping you make these #lifestylechanges .

#fitpeople #unleashyourfit #lifestylechanges #predatorhouse #fpfamily #dontbeaverage #shutupzac #hooveralabama

Primal Fit Score: 29% increase
Resting HR: 30% decrease
Resting Systolic BP: 15% decrease
Resting Diastolic BP: 5% decrease
Body Fat %: 21% Decrease
VO2: 40% Increase
Muscular Endurance: 40% Increase
Muscular Strength: 8% increase

Unleash your Fit.

1 week 2 days ago

Pink sky in the morning... "fit people take warning"?!?!

Today's #monkey #corecardioagility day is the PERFECT pre-Thanksgiving workout!!

#fitpeople #unleashyourfit

Unleash your Fit.

2 weeks 4 hours ago

Thanksgiving Week Hours of Operation:

Monday-Wednesday: Normal Business Hours

Thursday: 7:30 AM / 8:30 AM

Friday: Closed